BibleOne CD-ROM
  The BibleOne CD-ROM is now available for World-wide Distribution! BibleOne has many features, please browse the list of available features below.
  • Over 40 Bible Texts and Translations Including:

    English Translations
    • King James (1769) (With Strong Tagging)
    • English Standard Version (© 2001 Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers)1
    • 21st Century King James (1994) (With Strong Tagging)1
    • American Standard Bible (1901)
    • Young's Literal Translation (1898)
    • Tyndale Translation (1534)
    • Geneva Bible (1587)
    • Webster's Revision (1833)
    • Many more on the way....(you can download more even after you purchase)

    • Scrivener 1894, "Textus Receptus" 5th Ed. (tagged with Morphology and Strong's Lexicon)
    • Robinson-Pierpoint Byzantine Greek New Testament (1995)
    • Robinson-Pierpoint Byzantine Greek New Testament (2000)
    • Elzevir Greek New Testament (TR:1624)
    • Tischendorf's Greek New Testament Eighth Edition (1869-72)
    • Westcott & Hort Greek New Testament (1881)
    • Stephanus (1550)
    • Septuagint (LXX) - Greek Translation of the Old Testament Canons
    • Codex Vaticanus (B): 1867 Transcription of 4th century manuscript. Text plus PDF version of Tischendorf's Transcription
    • Codex Sinaiticus () : 1863 Transcription of later 4th century manuscript. Text plus PDF version of Tischendorf's Transcription.
    • Codex Alexandrinus (A): 1860 Transcription of 5th century manuscript (In Progress)

    • Ben Chayyim (1525), British Foreign Bible Society (1849) (tagged with Morphology, Kethib/Qere Analysis and Strong's Lexicon)
    • Hebrew Consonantal Text
    • Hebrew Received Bible (2002)

    • Korean Received Bible (2000 The Received Bible Society) (With Strong Tagging)
    • Korean Revised Standard Bible (1957)

    • Arabic (Saudi) Received Bible (TR:1865)
    • Arabic (Persian) Received Bible (TR)

    • Chinese Union Bible (MT:1996)
    • Chinese Gan-Che Bible (MT:1996-GBE)

    • Japanese Bible (MT:1955)

    • Spanish Reina-Valera Bible (MT:1909)
    • Spanish Reina-Valera New Testament (TR:1858)
    • Spanish Reina-Valera Bible (MT:1960)

    • Portuguese/Brazilian Bible (TR:1995-ACF)

    • French Louis-Segond Bible (TR:1910) (With Strong Tagging)

    • Russian Synodal Bible (TR:1956) (With Strong Tagging)

    • Ukranian Received Bible (TR)

    • Hungarian Karoli Bible (TR:1993)

    • Vietnamese Bible (MT:1934)

    • Latin Vulgate - Jerome A.D. 405

    • La Nuova Diodati Bible (TR:1603-1991)

    • Luther Bible (TR*:1545)
    • Luther Bible (TR*:1534-1912)

And many others being updated every day...

  • Bible Browsing Features such as: automatic Strong Definition Lookup, Marginal Notes, Verse Cross References, Word and Phrase Searching. View all translations on the screen simultaneously.

  • Online Updates: If your machine is connected to the Internet, BibleOne can automatically check for and download updates to the BibleOne software, Texts and Translations, Commentaries, and other BibleOne components

  • Strong-Tagged Bibles: Every word in the Bible is numerically tagged with a number corresponding to the Hebrew/Greek Concordance. The purpose for this, is to demonstrate the accuracy of translation and to grant users a better understanding of Bible words.

  • A Harmony of the Gospels detailing all major events in the life of Jesus Christ

  • Integrated Commentaries including
    • Jamieson, Fausset and Brown (1871)
    • John Gill's Commentary on the Whole Bible
    • Barnes Notes
    • Robertson's New Testament Word Pictures
    • Matthew Henry's Full Commentary
    • John Calvin's Commentary
    • Geneva Bible Notes
    • Biblical Illustrator
    • Many more on the way...

  • Integrated Bible Dictionaries including Strong's, Easton's, Nave's and Torrey's.

  • Received Bibles (Bibles translated from Received Texts - Hebrew Masora Rabbinic and Greek Textus Receptus).. Korean (newly translated - 2000), English, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew Bible.

  • Bible Outline detailing each major book and section

  • Bible Textual Comparison Function to automatically compare two or more texts/translations to see the differences

  • Daily Reading Schedules for your own personal study and devotions. Schedules include: M'Cheyne's, 1/2/3 Times a Year, C.H. Spurgeon's Morning and Evening

  • Extensive Printing Functions for Bible studies or for reference.

  • Marginal Note Editor to allow you to browse and edit your own (and supplied) marginal notes

  • Audio Recordings of Selected Passages for certain texts and translations, including the Authorized Version, the Hebrew Masoretic Text, and the Greek New Testament.

  • Historic Documents and Christian Classics including:
    • Westminster Confession of Faith/Larger & Shorter Catechisms with scripture proofs
    • Shorter Catechism Explained (Fisher 1765)
    • The Institutes of the Christian Religion (John Calvin)
    • The History of Protestantism (J.A. Wylie)

  • Sacred Music : Recorded audio of many hymns and sacred music

  • Audio Sermons A number of recorded audio sermons

  • "The Tabernacle" video (18 minutes: MPEG-4, Producer: Animotion Studios, Computer animation source: Exodus 25-27, 35-38)

  • Biblical Weights and Measures & Automatic Conversion

  • Biblical Maps Hundreds of maps and pictures tied to the scriptures

  • Online manuals - User Guide, Installation Guide

  • Received Bible Society: Purpose and Statements of Faith

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  Please note that the CD-ROM will run only on Windows PCs. It will run on Window 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP. Due to constraints in development resources, this current version will not run on a Macintosh. Perhaps in a future version...

1 This translation requires an additional unlock code
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